Our mission: to organize the community to promote social justice for all working people.

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In Fort Wayne, Does Revitalization Include the Working Class?

Many of us couldn't help but notice the near-disdain expressed by the President of the Downtown Improvement District, Bill Brown, for the homeless of our area last month.

Down and Out in Fort Wayne?: Survey Launched to Represent Under-Represented

By Gayle Goodrich
Director of Labor and Community Services
United Way of Allen County

Unions Anticipate Labor Day Despite Recent Setbacks


2:41 PM
Fri, Aug 29, 2014
By Virginia Alvino

Labor Day is Monday. And while many folks take the long weekend to relax, the symbolic end of the summer means something different to union organizers.

For them it’s a day to celebrate the solidarity of their workers.

This year, policy in Indiana and across the country  has continued to limit the influence and power unions have – and union membership is following that downward trend.

Labor Day Picnic Planning Meeting

Planning still underway for Labor's day!  Share this flyer, and tell your friends you are going on our Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/neiclc. We still need volunteers, to make sure everyone has a short shift. If you want your union banner to be showcased at the park, bring it by noon on Friday, August 29th.  See you at the planning meeting!

Education and the Community

Please bring two comments from your assignment:  Speak to two people you don’t know about their hope and fears about education, employment, economy, etc.  (15 minutes)

I.               Results of NEIFPE education survey to candidates (15 minutes)

II.              Research on how fiscal irresponsibility of state government is impacting everyone. Economic development accountability – how much does economic development take away from  education (15 minutes)

III.            Unemployed and anxiously employed survey (15 minutes)

Whistleblowers Welcome

The unveiling of a new clearing house for sheding light on concealed activities in corporate malfeasance prompts a look at our own local climate

Harris v Quinn, the bright side as viewed from a non Fair Share State

"I'm not a man.  Not a beast.  I'm about as shapeless as the man on the moon"  Lon Chaney Sr., as Quasimodo, "The Hunchback of Notre Dame" 1939

In which the Supreme Court creates a new species of worker: the quasi public or partially public worker, free from state compelled fair share legislation and shielded by the 1st amendment.

"We Have Met the Enemy, and He is Us."--Pogo

America fell out of "like" with organized labor a long time ago and the trend has continued without labor recognizing that it must adapt to new circumstances, new constituencies. 

Franciscan Values

Employer ignores the same principle it invokes to dismiss employee's lawusit in order to justify out-sourcing its maintenance staff while eagerly anticipating receipt of Federal Tax Credits extended to assist development projects aimed at alleviating poverty even though it is simultaneously impoverishing its own employees.  A perfecta, if not a trifecta, of savage inconsistency.

HEAL pilot gardening program at McCormick Place has 21 participants

By Ellie Bogue of The News-Sentinel
Wednesday, June 4, 2014 - 7:23 am


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