Our mission: to organize the community to promote social justice for all working people.

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Strategies for Teaching Adults in the Community

In this session of The Workers' Project University, we will discuss, practice, and understand adult learning strategies and philosophies. It will be a great class for anyone who teaches or plans to teach adults.

The Class will be lead by Dr. Michelle Glowackidudka and Dr. Ruby Walker This session is part of the continuing educational collaboration between The Workers’ Project Initiative and the Department of Educational Studies of Teachers College at Ball State University.  It is also Co-sponsored by "It is Well With My Soul."

Eye on the Pie: Reality not built on news releases

Morton Marcus says we should read between the lines on the state's bottom-line 

David Tanner

We are sad to hear that our friend and long-time Workers' Project member David Tanner died yesterday. Our thoughts are with his family. Check the local newspaper for information regarding funeral arrangements.

What’s It All About…

Jim Sack reviews whether any real questions were answered at Tuesday's City and County Council meeting.


"Inequality for All" Free Movie Showing

From Robert Reich, former US Secretary of Labor, comes a humorous and enlightening exposé on America's widening income gap.

This award winning film is a must-see for any who cares about our economy. In January 1964, President Lyndon B. Johnson declared a “war on poverty.” Fifty years later, we’re seeing a war on the poor—and the middle class. Poverty is returning to levels seen a half-century ago, with no end in sight.

This will be the first showing of this film in the area. A discussion will follow the viewing.

Food & Jobs Co-op Discussion: Seedling of Change

The Workers' Project convened local representatives of diverse constituencies to co-cooperatively explore creating a worker co-op utility for food distribution to answer the riddle of food banks unable to feed the hungry, workers without decent work, and food producers forced to throw away food. We've discovered tremendous interest. This open class intends to bring more folks to bear on the solutions.   

CLASS LEADER: JAIN YOUNG (Expert on Sustainable Food Systems and the Co-operative Model/Tradition)

Mark Crouch, "A friend of all working people," Retires

Indiana University Labor Studies Professor and Labor icon Mark Crouch will retire from his Fort Wayne post as of May 31 this year.  Mark arrived at the IPFW Campus back in August 1980. His 33 years of serving our labor movement and all workers has established him as a stalwart educator, advocate, scholar but most of all friend of all working people. 



This is part of our too big and too ambitious but too important not to address agenda.


    We're continuing new ways to make cities, counties, and the State government accountable for empty job promises and wasted tax dollars.


   Classes, speakers, films and discussions to understand and solve problems together.


2013 Unemployed and Anxiously Employed Workers' Initiative Survey Results

An Initiative of the Workers’ Project
February 17, 2014

Executive Summary


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